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Lightweight Aluminium Folding Tri Walker With Bag

5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 30 December, 2015 By Caroline Sale
Despite adverse publicity (stability and awkward width indoors) I went ahead and bought this tri-walker from Angel Mobility a couple of years ago. If user instructions are followed there are no problems with stability. The only difficulty I envisage is lack of concentration if close to a kerb but the same would apply to any mobility devise. Otherwise the product is very user friendly and swift to react to turns, braking etc. Indoors I simply release the locking devise (1 second) which allows control over the rear wheels (in the locked position they are at their widest) so that as I walk I can just draw in the handle bars closer to me (keeping my fingers around the brakes to halt the manoeuvre if necessary) and thus get through the smallest of gaps with ease. The attached deep bag is very handy for moving objects around the home as well as out and about . All in all I have found my tri-walker easier than other 4-wheeled walking/carrying aids that I have now set aside for other uses. In the closed position it is not cumbersome and will sit neatly between/beside furniture and it looks as good now as the day I received it. Mine also has a plastic coated wire shopping basket and a top tray which are useful for outdoor use but not essential (my basket sits behind the letterbox to collect mail and the tray which is lipped is used on a side table to prevent things slipping away from me - still useful and both are easily added to the walker if needed!!) I would not be afraid to recommend this product. Lastly, despite living a very long way from the supplier, delivery was within 2 days as promised and I have yet to be disappointed with the customer service from Angel Mobility.